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Decking Canberra Specialist

Welcome to Decking Canberra Specialist! We are a licensed and experienced company in the business of providing high-quality deck construction around Canberra, Australia. Our profile includes various decking, pergola, and patio projects for residential and commercial properties.

Local Deck Builders in Canberra

Over the years, we have acquired repeat clients and invaluable experience that inspires us to continue. Our high quality and efficient services have proven that we can complete projects right on schedule and within the allotted project cost, no matter how small or big a project.

At Decking Canberra, we offer a wide range of decking solutions and services. Our highly skilled carpenters can do both traditional and modern decking styles as well as pergolas and verandahs. Popular among our projects is the construction for timber decking, composite decking, and pool decking installations. Be rest assured that all our experienced carpenters are licensed and insured to operate in and around Canberra city.

We are composed of carpenters, estimators, project managers, and builders whom you can consult and collaborate with to have a successful deck, pergola, or patio install.


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    Eco-friendly Decking Material

    Modwood decking is a composite product made of a mixture of milled sustainable wood waste and recycled plastic. You should go with this material if you want an eco-friendly material for your deck.

    The great thing about this Australian product is that it does not contain harmful formaldehyde.

    Another sustainable material you can pick is Thermowood by Thermory.

    Why should you go with Thermowood? Your deck will look desirable with its natural colour. If you want to know more about the benefits of installing Merbau hardwood or Thermowood, contact us and get expert advice from our Decking Canberra decking experts.


    a deck builder in Canberra installing composite decking

    Composite Decking

    Composite decking is a practical choice for residential and commercial use since it is low in maintenance, versatile, and a durable type of decking material.

    Decking Canberra provides composite decking design, installation services, supply delivery with guaranteed premium quality. We include decade-long warranty coverage for our projects.

    The great thing about composite decking is that it will not rot, not prone to termites, and does not require oiling. The easy-to-maintain composite decking is made from plastic but does not necessarily need to look like one.

    As a bonus, composite decks come in a variety of designs. They are more affordable than other decking materials making it a wise investment if you want longevity, beauty, and affordability for your decking needs.

    hardwood decking materials for residential outdoor deck

    Timber Decking

    Nothing compares to the beauty of natural wood, and if you want to capture the authentic warmth and stunning visual appeal of your outdoor living space, then timber decking is your perfect choice. At Decking Canberra, our team of contractors understands material strengths and weaknesses. It is best to consult experts when it comes to designing and installing timber decking.

    Timber decking with quality materials and labour will increase the property value.

    You’ll be surprised to know that timber decking, with the suitable material and treatment, will not warp, rot or discolour. Merbau hardwood, for instance, is an affordable, durable, insect-resistant timber decking material.

    stunning patio decking space sorrounded with plants and trees


    At Decking Canberra, we specialize in building custom patios that are tailored to your specific needs and wants. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your patio is everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

    Imagine entertaining guests on your new patio or simply relaxing outdoors in your own private oasis. With our help, you can turn that vision into a reality. We use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to build our patios, so you can be sure that your new patio will last for years to come.

    wooden deck on the side of the pool area

    Pool Decking

    Building a deck by your pool can be a dilemma for most owners, as you want the beauty of having a deck beside it. But concerns for water and moisture damage on your decking are valid. But no matter if it is residential or commercial pool decking, our decking expert at Decking Canberra can help you determine which pool deck is the best for your property.

    On top of the best pool decking material, you’ll also need high-quality installation service that ensures that you get that stylish and long-lasting pool decking. All deck installers in Decking Canberra are highly skilled and experienced to ensure that you get the right design solution with a high standard quality installation.

    Pool Material Options

    With a good range of materials for your deck area, selecting the best for your needs involves factors such as budget, safety, durability, comfort, and aesthetics. At the onset, you’ll find deck materials with concrete may be the first option you have in mind, but just like any material, there are pros and cons to be weighed upon. That’s why it is always wise to have an expert on decking to help you realize your property’s best decking material.

    Decking Canberra offers premium services in all types of decking materials. Here are the following most popular.

    building a residential deck using plywood deck materials


    HardieDeck board is a mixture of fibre-reinforced cement made from a blend of natural fibres and Portland cement. What makes HardieDeck an excellent option for extreme conditions for its ability to resist moisture and inability to expand and contract when buried under the ground.

    HardieDeck can be installed virtually anywhere, especially in wet areas where it is immune to rotting or moulding; the same cannot be said for other materials.

    above ground pool with omposite material deck

    Timber Wood Decking

    Timber wood engages all the senses like no other material, and its affordability makes it an attractive option for many property owners. Our Decking Canberra experts are familiar with the different types of wood that are best for your pool deck needs. Pine is an example of an affordable and popular choice because of its availability. But wood is prone to warping and fungal damage, so be careful in selecting the best pine decking material by picking one with the lowest maintenance and high stability.

    As well-established decking experts, we have the best quality decking suppliers that offer treated pine wood. The application of Cutek Extreme will minimize warping and splitting by controlling the moisture.

    Australia has one of the most challenging climates. Still, with a thermally modified wood applied with a professional-grade Cutek Extreme finish, you’ll enjoy your timber pool decking for many years to come. Plus, it’s in a clear finish so that you can preserve your timber pool deck’s natural look.

    Other popular timber wood decking materials include teak, mahogany, and redwood. Contact us to get expert advice from our team. We offer free consultation and site inspection so you can jumpstart your pool deck renovation.

    above ground pool with deck

    Composite Wood

    When you want a low-maintenance pool deck but have the look of natural wood, then a composite wood material is a great option. Also, even under extreme weather, it won’t buckle or warp while maintaining the colour finish.

    Composite wood comes in many types, but they generally work perfectly for a pool deck. These are Timber Tech, Trex, Cali-bamboo, Fiberon, Durea-Life, and Lumberock. Of course, there are others out there not listed here. But you don’t have to pick while worrying which one will fit your situation best.

    Our experts are up to date with the latest trends in materials and methods in pool decking. You can get in touch with them to know more about the best composite wood material that will suit your needs.

    timber pergolas and decking with chairs
    beautifully designed deck on the ground
    uncovered house extension with wooden decks above the ground
    shiny decking design with chairs on top

    Pergolas in Canberra

    Your outdoor deck experience is not the same without the homely look of a verandah or pergola. They are attractive to look at and highly functional, especially when you want to hangout outdoors during a rainy day or under the sun.

    Aside from protection against the elements, having a verandah or pergola raises the value of the property. Pergolas and verandas are not only great investments for your home but places of business. For instance, a restaurant or office can utilize the function and beauty of these outdoor structures.

    Decking Canberra offers excellent commercial pergola and veranda supply and installation services with a wide range of products and prices.

    But first, what is the difference between a veranda and a pergola? Pergola acts like an extension or outhouse of the main property. This means it can be freestanding or attached to the building. Typically, pergolas are open structures with an adjustable roof that can be open, closed, or retracted depending on your outdoor need.

    merbau decking and timber pergolas in Canberrra

    Canberra Verandahs

    Verandas, like pergolas, are also open structures but usually wrap around at least two sides of the house. Another difference with a pergola is a fixed roof. Verandas are in front or rear areas of the house, while the pergola is in the backyard or garden.

    With many years in the decking service, our well-established decking company provides complete decking, pergola, and veranda supply and install. Our comprehensive and excellent service covers a wide range of pricing to accommodate your needs and budget.

    If you have more inquiries about our Canberra Decking services, reach us through our contact details listed on this page. Initial consultation, site inspection, and deck service quotations are all absolutely free of charge and no obligations. Check out Decking Portsmouth, Decking builders Newcastle and learn more.

    house verandah facing lots of plants view


    1. The Cost of a New Deck

    Estimating the total cost for building a new deck depends on a range of factors.

    1. The total area where you’ll be building your deck.
    2. The location of your deck to be constructed
    3. Type of decking materials you need.
    4. Type of foundation, history of the property, and type of soil.
    5. Type of Foundation – building over the soil is the variable that will affect the price.
    6. Inclusion of verandas, pergolas, stairs, balustrades, or other accessories will contribute to the cost.
    7. Permits – processing building permits also cost money.
    8. Uneven terrain – if building over a sloped area, additional labour will be needed to flatten the build area, which means extra labour costs.

    For a rough estimate of what to expect, here are some typical calculations for the cost based on the material versus area (1 square meter):

    $200.00 for treated pine deck

    $320.00 and up for hardwood timber

    $350.00 and up for composite

    $800.00 and up for deck with roofing or stairs

    $1000.00 and up for elevated decking (cyclone rated)

    2. How much does a pergola cost?

    If calculating by square meter, the cost is around $2,700.00. Low end pergola costs $20,000.00, mid-range at $35,000.00, and higher quality can go up to $55,000.00.

    3. What is the expected lifespan of a deck?

    The lifespan depends on the materials used for construction and the environmental conditions around the deck. Softwood decks last for 15 years, and hardwood decks for 20 years. Parts like timber rails will, with proper maintenance, last for at least 25 years.

    4. How to get rid of scratches on decks?

    Different types of materials require treatments. Both timber and composite can scratch. The former scratches easily but is best left to weathering unless doing a restoration like a paint job. Minor imperfections can be fixed using scatch concealers. For heavy scratches, a replacement is in order.

    5. Can colour on decks be restored?

    Deck colours can fade over time, especially when it’s made of organic material. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays has a bleaching effect on organic materials. Restoring such surfaces is easy with the use of special paints containing UV blockers. Chemicals like oil or paraffin paints are also for restoration, but only if the wood should not absorb moisture. For applying the paint, use a paint roller or spray the paint on instead of a brush.


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