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Enhance the Look of Your Home with Inviting Verandahs: Decking Canberra's Design and Build Solutions

Stylish Verandahs Builders in Canberra

decking solutions and Verandahs services

The verandah is a type of porch that is mainly attached to the outside of an Australian home. Verandas are particularly common in hot and humid climates, where they provide shade from the sun.

Verandahs can also be used as outdoor living areas or for protection against rain. Decking Canberra provides verandahs that meet your standards and enhance the look of your home!


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    Verandahs by Decking Canberra

    Enhance the look of your home with the help of our verandah builders. Our verandah builders are highly knowledgeable and experienced in designing custom-made deck verandahs for your needs. Verandahs are typically an extension of your living space and can provide shade from the sun or protection from the rain.

    Verandahs can be used for more than just protection from the elements. Verandahs can also be used as outdoor living areas, providing a space to relax and take meals regardless of the existing weather conditions.

    We know that each customer is unique, and so their verandah. Verandahs are very customisable and can include screen doors, outdoor kitchens, built-in furnishings and even living roofs.

    Verandahs for Every Budget and Style!

    Whatever your budget might be, we have verandahs for you. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, we can provide you with the verandah of your dreams. Porches are usually built from timber and glass or aluminium framing materials, making them safe for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

    We have all sorts of styles and budgets, so no matter your taste or budget, you can find a perfect match. Verandahs are an incredible addition to any home, and we can help you design the perfect one for your needs.

    Enhance the look of your home with inviting verandahs

    Make an impression on friends and family by adding a verandah to your home. Verandas enhance the look of your home and provide outdoor shelters where you can relax, take meals and entertain guests despite the existing weather conditions. Decking Canberra is a leading design and builds the company in Canberra that designs verandahs with attention to detail for any budget.

    If you are looking for some ideas on how to best use your new space, here’s an idea: Why not create a dining area? Veranda spaces have become popular lately as they offer ample light during the day while providing plenty of shade at night – perfect for al fresco living! Outdoor entertaining is always more fun when it’s comfortable, too, so make sure there’s adequate seating around the table before setting up food or drinks tables.

    Verandahs are usually built from timber and glass or aluminium framing materials, making them safe for outdoor use in all weather conditions. Verandas enhance the look of your home, provide a space to take meals outside despite the existing weather conditions and shelter you on those chilly nights.

    We offer verandahs that can be customised to suit your taste and budget. Verandah designs are available in various shapes, sizes and materials, so you will always find a perfect match for your requirements.

    Enjoy summer all year round in comfort and style.

    You can enjoy summer all year round with a veranda that is customised to suit your taste and budget! We offer versatile designs in various shapes, sizes, and materials to find one perfect match for your requirements. Verandahs enhance the look of your home while providing outdoor shelters where you can relax even on chilly nights or rainy days!

    With a verandah, you can finally enjoy summer all year round, in comfort and style!

    When you invest in Verandahs, it is essential to feel safe and secure about the materials’ quality. That’s why we only use high-quality material or aluminium for construction so that your Veranda will stand firm against time and weather!

    Benefits of Having a Verandah at Home

    Adding a verandah to the front or back of your home offers many benefits

    A Sense of Home

    Verandahs adds that final touch, so everyone feels at home when coming over to visit!

    UV Rays Protection

    Verandahs offer a great sanctuary from the sun. Verandahs can also provide shade and protection from UV rays.

    Increased Property Value

    Verandahs are a desirable feature and will increase the value of your property.

    Extended Living Space

    Verandahs are an excellent way to transform your outdoor space into a living room that is open year-round without the expense of adding on.


    Verandah spaces are perfect for intimate dinners or family get-togethers, especially if they have an outdoor kitchen with veranda privacy screens. You will be able to enjoy your meal without distraction while still being in touch with all of those who matter most.

    The benefits of having a veranda make this addition worth considering, whether it is front, back or both. Decking Canberra offers custom design solutions time after time because we know what our clients want before they even say anything!

    Why Choose Decking Canberra For Your New Verandah?

    When you choose Decking Canberra for your new verandah, you are choosing:

    The professional design team

    Decking Canberra employs a professional Verandah Designer who has years of experience in the industry.

    Quality materials

    Veranda are traditionally made out of timber. Decking Canberra’s Verandahs uses quality timbers like cypress pine, cedar or Merbau to create an attractive ambience for your outdoor living space.

    Professional installation

    Decking Canberra uses experienced tradespeople with high levels of product knowledge so you know that they will complete the job on time and ensure it is done correctly.

    Free consultation

    Decking Canberra Verandahs offer free consultations to help you choose the suitable Veranda for your home and family.

    Verandah FAQ's

    Verandahs and Decks house extenstion for entertainment

    What is a verandah?

    A verandah is an external area that is adjacent to the living space of a home. Porches can be fully enclosed or open on one side and offer shelter from rain, sun and wind.

    high-quality deck construction around Canberra

    How much does it cost to build a verandah?

    The size and features of the Veranda will determine cost. Decking Canberra Verandahs offer a free no-obligation assessment to work out what you need and then provide an estimate for that specific project.


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