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Decking Canberra: High-Quality Composite Decking Services for a Renovated Home, Garden or Pool Area

Local Composite Deck Builders in Canberra

composite decking material installation in canberra

When Decking Canberra was founded, our goal was to provide the highest quality composite decking services for homeowners looking to renovate their home, garden or pool area. Decking Canberra has expanded over the years and now offers various high-quality products such as decks, pergolas, gazebos and more!

Our team comprises industry professionals who have decades of experience working with customers to meet their needs. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and work hard every day to make sure that each client feels like they are a part of the Decking Canberra family from start to finish.


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    An Ideal Solution for Your Garden

    Composite decking is an excellent solution for your garden because the materials are resistant to all kinds of weather. Decking Canberra’s team of experts is always up-to-date on the latest trends and will work with you to find a design that suits your lifestyle needs and any budget requirements.

    Composite decking is also perfect if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, making Decking Canberra the best choice in town! We are proud members of Green Building Australia, and we use eco-friendly composite deck boards when possible; however, our company can offer traditional timber or synthetic wood options.

    modern decking styles using composite decking materials

    Composite Decking Experts in Canberra

    When you want to renovate your backyard, Decking Canberra is the company to call. We have been in business for years, and our team of experts knows what it takes to make space feel like home!

    We offer high-quality composite decking services that are customised to suit each client’s needs. Our goal is not just increased property value; we also want you to enjoy spending time outside with family and friends on your beautiful new deck or pergola!

    composite decking design, installation services in Canberra

    Affordable Composite Decking Services In Canberra

    We build your dream deck in the Canberra area at a competitive price. Decking Canberra is your best choice for affordable composite decking services in the region.

    Note that composite decking is a long-term investment. Decking Canberra offers competitively priced composite deck packages, as well as the option to purchase individual components so that you can customise your perfect outdoor space.

    We offer an extensive range of colours and designs for all types of needs – from tropical or coastal styles to traditional Australian homes; we have something for everyone! You are guaranteed high-quality craft when Decking Canberra constructs your new outdoor living area with timber decks or synthetic wood deck boards.

    Build the Composite Deck that fits your life

    Our mission is to create a Deck that’s right for you, so we offer the option to design and build your deck from scratch.

    The Decking Canberra team will work with you, whether you’re building on new land or renovating an existing area of your home. We can assist in all aspects of the process – from planning through construction!

    We have many years of experience using composite deck boards made out of high-quality materials and designed to look like traditional timber decks; however, they don’t require ongoing maintenance such as painting or staining. It means less time spent maintaining your deck, more time enjoying it!

    Types of Composite Decking

    There are different types of composite decking that Decking Canberra offers.

    The following is a quick highlight of composite decks.


    This composite decking is made of sustainable timber that is leftover from the logging process. It is a kind of material used in wet areas such as near swimming pools and water features because it has been sealed against rot.

    Granite Deck

    This type of material mimics natural wood with its appearance but lasts up to three times longer than natural hardwood without any staining or discolouration. It also resists chipping and cracking, doesn’t require any sanding or painting, and requires simple maintenance by applying an impregnator every few years for added protection.

    Grass Deck

    Perfect for green thumbs who want the feel of grass under their feet while they enjoy some sun at home! These composite decks are made of a top layer of PVC printed with a different kind of grass. Decking Canberra recommends putting in artificial turf to go hand-in-hand with your new composite deck!


    Decking Canberra has found a new way to make your Deck eco-friendly while providing you with the durability and longevity of composite. Ekodeck is made from recycled materials, such as old tyres!

    Modwood decking

    Decking Canberra is always looking to make the newest and most innovative composite Deck. Modwood Deck is made from recycled wood, so it’s a fantastic eco-friendly choice for any homeowner!

    The Benefits of Composite Decking

    Natural look and feel

    Decking Canberra uses composite decking for a natural look and feel that will never fade over time.


    Composite decking is the most durable type of wood available, so you can be sure your investment won’t rot or warp away!

    UV protection

    Decking Canberra have found that one of the benefits of using composite decking materials is UV protection for your weathered wood!

    Creation process

    Decking Canberra’ new creation process means our customers get to have as much input into their final product as possible, down to the colour they want for their railings and stairs. It makes every project unique in its way!

    Environmentally friendly material

    Decking Canberra understands the need to be environmentally friendly, and composite material is an excellent way of achieving this. Composite decking boards are made from recycled plastics that would otherwise end up in landfill sites or litter on our streets.

    Creates more usable space on decks

    Decking Canberra has found that using composite instead of traditional types of wood makes more usable space on the decks we build because it’s less heavy than other materials like timber.

    Why Choose Us?

    Here are some of Decking Canberra’s most popular benefits:

    Our deck builders are highly experienced and qualified.
    All of our building materials are sourced from the highest quality suppliers.
    We have a wide range of Decking Canberra composite deck designs to choose from.
    We give first-class Composite decking door to door service.
    We provide Deck construction for both residential and commercial properties.

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      Your Local Deck Builder in Canberra

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