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Decking Canberra: Pergolas That Enable You to Enjoy an Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle

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residential backround decking with pergolas

If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round, Pergolas from Decking Canberra is the perfect solution. Pergolas not only provide shade and shelter for your deck or patio but also create a beautiful indoor/outdoor lifestyle that’s hard to beat.

Decking Canberra has been providing top quality Pergolas for years. Our Pergolas offer a perfect decking solution for families who want to enjoy an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and at the same time maintain their privacy.


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    Decking Canberra Offers Top Quality Pergolas

    Decking Canberra is one of the leading Pergola suppliers in Canberra. We have years of experience providing our clients with Pergolas that are pleasing to the eye and customized to suit their needs.

    Pergolas not only provide shade and shelter from rain or hot sun, but they make any outdoor area even more inviting by adding warmth, beauty and interest year-round without compromising on style or function.

    Our pergolas are made out of high-quality materials and can be customized to any size. We have over a decade’s worth of experience in Pergola design, installation, construction and maintenance, so you know that we will handle your project with care.

    construction of timber decking with pergola

    Your Perfect Solution for Privacy and Shade

    When it comes to outdoor living, the pergola is your perfect solution. A Pergola provides shade from sun and rain while also protecting outdoor living spaces.

    Pergolas are an excellent way to create a private area outside without using curtains or blinds on windows that obstruct natural light.

    The pergola can be used as either a full-cover structure roofing over an open patio or decking Canberra installation; umbrellas attached to each column provide shading to any furniture placed underneath it. Pergolas come in many designs and colours, so you will find one that suits your taste!

    patio decking with pergola construction in Canberra

    Add Value to Your Home with a New Pergola

    A new pergola in your backyard will increase the value of your home! Pergolas are a significant investment. Pergola decks and patios create the perfect outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing or just enjoying home life.

    If you’re thinking about selling soon, then a pergola might be the perfect thing to make your home more attractive. Pergolas add value and create usable outdoor space for you to enjoy with family and friends, as well as a potential rental property investment opportunity in Canberra.

    Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle With A Pergola

    If you’re looking to transform your living space and create a beautiful indoor/outdoor lifestyle, a pergola is a perfect solution.

    Here at Decking Canberra, our team can design and install pergolas with the following features.

    Outdoor kitchens

    Pergolas are a great way to get the best of both worlds and enjoy your outdoor kitchen.

    Modern heating

    Pergolas can be insulated, so you don’t need to worry about being cold in Canberra during winter.

    Outdoor lighting

    Pergolas fitted with outdoor lighting to allow you to see clearly in the evening or at night.

    Outdoor stairs

    Pergolas fitted with a staircase that leads from the house down to your outdoor living area.

    Covered entertaining areas

    With built-in lighting, sound systems and barbeques for an evening barbecue outdoors, anyone feels secured without feeling exposed or vulnerable to the elements.

    Outdoor decking

     Pergolas provide a perfect opportunity for an open, flat area where children and pets can play safely without fear of injury from falling off furniture or being burnt by hot pots on BBQs.

    Built-in seating areas

    Pergola seats are not just practical but also decorative, and they’re a great way to get your home ready for entertaining guests outside.

    Permaculture gardens

    Pergola design makes it easy for people interested in permaculture gardening methods. It requires a lot of open space to still have a beautiful, productive garden in their backyard.

    Advantages of Pergola on Your Home

    Pergolas are a remarkably functional yet elegant addition to any home. Pergolas are an excellent investment and useful for a variety of purposes.

    Increased property value

    Pergolas add value and create usable outdoor space for you to enjoy with family and friends, as well as a potential rental property investment opportunity in Canberra.

    Perfect outdoor space

    Pergolas create the ideal outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing or just enjoying home life. Pergola’s can enable you to enjoy your outside area all year round and provide a feeling of being sheltered from the elements when necessary.

    Functional pergolas

    Pergolas are remarkably available yet elegant additions that serve more than one purpose, including but not limited to providing shade and shelter from direct sunlight while also serving as an attractive architectural design element on any residential or business premises.

    Additional space for plants

    Pergolas can provide extra space for plants or even a small seating area.


    Pergolas provide an area of privacy in your garden from where you can enjoy the sun all day and have a barbecue or sit back and relax.

    Outdoor dining

    Pergolas create an outdoor dining experience in Canberra’s dry heat, where you can enjoy al fresco cuisine while feeling the cool breeze from nearby trees and bushes.

    Protection and shade from the elements

    Pergolas provide shelter and shade from the elements, a key consideration in Canberra, subject to high temperatures during summer.

    Why Choose Decking Canberra?

    Here are some of the key benefits we offer when it comes to Pergolas:

    • Durability and strength of pergola due to high-quality materials
    • Pergola can be designed for easy access from both inside or outside your home, including wheelchair accessibility.
    • Our team at Decking Canberra has been building pergolas in Canberra for many years with a proven track record of excellence. We take pride in our work, and you will too!
    • Experience provides solutions that are tailored to suit your needs.

    Pergolas provide an opportunity for people in Canberra to enjoy their outdoor space day after day without having to worry about how they will keep cool during summer heatwaves like some other suburbs around Australia experience every year. Canberra Decking also provides timber decking, pool decking & verandahs.

    What is Pergola?

    A pergola is an architectural element that is constructed to serve as a roof or canopy. Pergolas are traditionally made with columns, posts and beams of either wooden or metal construction.

    A pergola may be used for any number of purposes, including:

    • Shade
    • Climbing plants
    • Outdoor dining space
    • Patio coverings

    Pergolas provide the perfect solution if you want to easily access your home from inside or outside without worrying about how you will keep cool during summer heatwaves in Canberra like some other suburbs around Australia experience every year! Pergolas also work well for those who need easy wheelchair accessibility due to disabilities.

    What does it cost to build a pergola?

    The cost of a pergola can vary depending on the size and design of the pergola. Pergolas are typically priced by square metre, so make sure you know how ample your outdoor space is before contacting us about a price for a pergola in Canberra.


      Joinery Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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