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Decking Canberra: Designer and Installer of Custom Pool Decks

Custom Swimming Pool Deck Builders

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A pool is a great place to cool off during the summer. But did you know that pool decks are a necessary part of pool maintenance? If your pool deck has been neglected and deteriorated over time, it may be causing structural damage to the pool itself.

When you hire Decking Canberra to design and install a new pool deck for your swimming pool in Canberra, we will ensure that it’s durable enough to withstand the harsh elements of Australia’s climate while adding value to your property!


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    We Focus on Optimising the Complete Pool Experience

    Our goal is to provide pool owners with the best possible pool experience, and we do this by enhancing their pool’s bare concrete surface. Our decks are designed to match any architectural style you have for your home or business.

    We specialise in outdoor living spaces, and our pool decks are perfect for outdoor patios, poolside bars, lounging areas or the kiddie pool, so you can be sure to get the pool decking that meets all of your needs.

    We are committed to making your pool space as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. We will work with you to design the perfect pool deck that fits into your budget, timeline, and personal style preferences for a living space around the pool of your dreams.

    Protect Your Pool and Property From the Elements

    Pool decks are a great way to protect your pool and property from environmental elements.

    With Decking Canberra, you get features such as deck drainage systems that allow pool water to seep through the ground without pool overflow. Steps for easy access into the pool in wet or icy conditions; lighting so your swimming pool is visible at night with safety measures like railing on all stairs leading up higher levels around it; parking space near/in your home site (if desired).

    Besides these practical benefits of installing an elevated surface dry rather than slippery, custom-designed pool decks protect against sunlight by blocking ultraviolet radiation even high off the ground thanks to our unique design solutions. The same goes for heat protection if installed using insulated materials which also provides insulation from the cold wind, making pool decks a great addition to your poolside.

    Furthermore, pool decks can be designed for more than just practicality – they are the perfect extension of outdoor living spaces so you and your family or friends can enjoy them all year long. If you need an extra parking space near your home site (if desired), we also offer that option with our custom solutions!

    Pool decking in Canberra

    As one of Australia’s leading pool decking companies, Decking Canberra offers various services to provide you with the pool deck design and installation that best suits your needs.

    We offer:

    Pool decks for above ground pools
    Pool decks that are designed to be suitable for in-ground swimming pool installations
    Durable materials used like natural timber or treated pine boards can easily withstand Australia’s climate (including harsh UV rays) while also adding value to your property!

    We’ll work closely with you to ensure our designs meet your requirements and consider any particular specifications such as widths, heights etc. You don’t need an expert eye for detail because they’re experts who have installed countless custom-made residential pool decks at Decking Canberra.

    pool decking area overlooking the beach behind the tall trees

    Pool Decks: A Must for Your Swimming Pool

    Pool decks are an essential addition to any pool, as they provide a safe area for swimmers of all ages and abilities. It is necessary for pool owners with children, as pool decks make it much easier to supervise kids while playing and splashing around.

    A pool deck provides safety from the ground around the pool by supplying an elevated dry surface, not wet or slippery.
    Pool decks can be customised in many ways to suit your vision for your backyard space.
    Pool decks can also be designed to include pool steps, pool lighting and storage for pool equipment.
    Pool decks can help protect your pool and property from pool chemicals and dirt that can be tracked into the pool area.
    A pool deck also acts as a drainage system to allow excess water from the pool, rain or flooding to flow away from your swimming pool so it doesn’t overflow.

    We design and install stylish and long-lasting decks around swimming pools for homeowners in need of safety features such as steps, lighting, parking space at their home site or protection against environmental elements like sunlight, heat, wind erosion etc. A custom-designed pool deck provides an elevated surface dry, not wet or slippery, crucial for children playing near/in the pool.

    Choosing The Right Pool Deck For Your Property

    We use a variety of pool deck materials to ensure your pool deck looks stylish and long-lasting. We work with clients to find a decking solution that’s right for them, from more traditional timber decks, modern composite pool decks or even the use of concrete pool slabs.

    Here is a list of our pool decking materials:

    Timber pool decks

    timber pool decks are a more traditional option for pool decking and can be used around natural swimming pools. They’re great as they let the beauty of your wood shine through, just like it does on your house’s exterior or in other parts of your yard.

    Composite wood

    A composite pool deck is made from different materials such as wood pulp, recycled plastic and steel. Composite pool decks are the newest pool decking option on the market due to their beauty, durability and low maintenance requirements.

    durable and stunning pool decking in commercial area

    Why Choose Decking Canberra?

    Our mission is to maintain a pool decking company that is innovative, sustainable and delivers the best quality pool decks.

    Quality materials, workmanship and finish

    We only use top quality materials that will not rust, crack or warp.

    Design and poolside expertise

    We offer a range of custom designs to suit your pool area’s needs & our experienced team can work with you to find the best pool decking solution for your budget.

    Excellent customer service for peace of mind

    Our deck builders are committed to delivering excellent customer service.

    Up-front pricing

    We’ll provide you with an accurate, upfront price quote for pool decks around your pool to help you plan the costs involved in building or renovating the pool area.

    Prompt service delivery

    Our team works closely together to ensure pool decks are delivered promptly.

    How much does it cost to build a pool deck?

    The cost of pool decking can vary based on the size and complexity of your pool area. However, we offer a free consultation to help you design and price out your pool deck.

    We want to create a space that is easy to maintain, with an eye for the aesthetic of pool decks around swimming pools without breaking the bank. The pool decks we create are designed to be a stylish part of your pool area that can withstand wear and tear from harsh sun, chlorine, saltwater etc.


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