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Australian National Botanic Gardens

About Australian National Botanic Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens are home to a scientific collection of native plants from all parts of Australia. The Living Collection displays these beautiful selections for enjoyment and education while also providing research into plant classification & biology in order to protect them against extinction – not just now but generations down the future too! They have an Herbarium where preserved specimens can be found alongside living ones which helps keep track of how much we know about this amazing flora so that you’re never surprised when disaster strikes again.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens is a scientific institution that showcases Australia’s flora to the world. They maintain an extensive collection of native plants from all over Aussie, including some rare species you won’t find anywhere else! There are also educational programs for kids and adults alike on how plants contribute greatly towards our environment as well as exciting research happening here.


What to do at Australian National Botanic Gardens

Join our guide for an unforgettable tour of the Gardens in style. You’ll enjoy learning about all you see with a 45-minute ride on board one of our buses, complete with leather seats and wireless headphones, so that your experience can be totally immersive!

The Gardens not only cultivate plants in their natural habitat but also protect them from extinction by growing more than just one variety. This helps ensure that if a certain plant cannot be found anywhere else, it will still exist here at The Garden’s greenhouse and can provide information on bringing these delicate species back home!

If you’re looking for a break from city life, head out into nature and explore this amazing garden! The Australian National Botanic Gardens has an unforgettable view of native plants that are found nowhere else in all their diversity.


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