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Questacon – National Science and Technology

About Questacon – National Science and Technology

Do you like science? We’re at the Questacon Centre. The place where Australians come to learn about all things related to nature, research and technology! Australian families should come and enjoy a day at Questacon. The interactive museum allows children to learn about science and technology innovation while they have fun!

They help communities connect with STEM opportunities. As a not-for-profit organisation, they achieve this by building networks of locally-led learning ecosystems that can be accessed nationwide and internationally through one simple place – Questacon!

The Canberra area is home to one of the most popular family attractions in all of Australia – Questacon. With half a million visitors passing through its doors each year, this science museum has something for everyone! For those who want more than just some educational fun with their kids or grandkids.


What to do at Questacon – National Science and Technology

Questacon is the place to be if you want your imagination inspired. With scheduled times for sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays where kids can come experience science in a whole new way! Questacon is a place where you can go and explore the world of science to your heart’s content. You’ll have access to labs, classes on how things work, and events with experts in their field- it really has something for everyone!

Questacon Features a wide range of activities for the whole family. There’s food and refreshments on site, as well as interactive exhibits that kids will love! In addition to all these great amenities, plenty of spaces are available in our carpark or coach parking area if you need them too.

The Questacon centre in Canberra is a place where you can learn all about science and technology. There are more than 200 interactive exhibits, with something for everyone! You’ll be able to explore our world from space exploration right down under sea level – we even have an underwater lab if that’s what interests YOU most out of everything else on offer here at Questacon.

Questacon Centre

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