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Decking Out Your Canberra Home The Ultimate Guide Before You Begin

Looking to deck out your Canberra home? You’ve come to the right place! In this ultimate guide, they will walk you through everything you need to know about Canberra decks – from materials and construction methods to design ideas and trends. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, read on for all the info you need to create an outdoor living space that’s perfect for you and your family.

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What is decking, and what are the benefits of having a deck installed in your Canberra home 

Decking is an outdoor area constructed with decking material, such as timber or composite boards. Decking can transform your backyard into an inviting, functional space that’s easy to maintain and enjoy. It can provide the perfect place to entertain family and friends, create extra living space, or enjoy some time outdoors in the sun.

Decking is also a great way to add value to your home and can be a cost-effective way of adding extra space.

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The different types of materials that can be used for decking 

Decking can be done with different materials but the two primary materials used are timber and composite.

Timber decking: Timber decking is usually made of treated pine, hardwood or composite wood. It is popular because it can be installed quickly and easily and is relatively low maintenance. The timber also looks excellent and adds a natural look to your outdoor area.

Composite Decking: Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and timber fibres and is an environmentally-friendly option. It is resistant to rot, mould and mildew and requires minimal maintenance. Composite decking is available in various colours and textures to suit any style.

When choosing between the two materials, factor in your budget, the maintenance requirements and how it will affect your home’s resale value.

How to choose the right contractor to install your deck 

So you’ve decided to go ahead with decking – what should you consider before choosing a builder?

When choosing a deck builder in Canberra, it’s vital to ensure that they’re experienced in building decks and have a good reputation in the area. Please find out how long they have been operating and ask for references from past customers.

It’s also a good idea to read reviews of deck builders online and get quotes from multiple contractors before deciding.

The cost of installing a deck in your home 

A deck is relatively affordable compared to other home improvement projects, and the cost will depend on the deck size, materials used and whether you opt for a DIY approach or hire a contractor.

For most decks, softwood such as pine or cedar is usually sufficient. However, if you’re looking for something more durable and long-lasting, hardwood such as teak or mahogany may be a better choice.

The cost of building materials will also depend on the type of deck you choose, with options ranging from bare timber boards to pre-made composite decks. You can even opt for customised features like specialised railing and balustrading to complete the look.

Decking ideas for Canberra homes

Decking creativity is endless, but here are some popular decking ideas to get you started:

– Float a platform deck near your pool to create an instant seating area.

Bespoke decks: Design customised shapes, sizes and materials to fit the style of your home.

– Interlocking tiles are a great way to use small areas and create a unique look.

– Patio decking: Create an outdoor living space in your backyard, perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Decking Canberra

Why choose Decking Canberra for your next decking project?

Decking Canberra is your one-stop shop for all of your decking needs. With a wide range of materials, colours, and styles to choose from, they can help you create the perfect deck for your home. Their team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your deck is exactly what you’ve always wanted. Whether composite or timber decking Canberra, give them a call today to get started on your dream deck!