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Australian War Memorial

About the Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is a place for Australians to reflect on the sacrifice made by their loved ones, and it harrows that span decades. The museum provides an educational experience as well–you’ll learn more about Australia’s history with the war in this building than anywhere else!

The Australian War Memorial is a place of honour for Australians who have died or participated in wars involving the Commonwealth and some conflicts prior to the Federation. It includes an extensive military museum with many interactive exhibits.

The Australian War Memorial is a stunning attraction in the nation’s capital, Canberra. Located at one end of this city’s ceremonial land axis from Parliament House on Capital Hill along an easily visible line passing through Mount Ainslie to its northeast tip (the cone-shaped peak), it provides visitors with immediate access to Australia’s history.


What to do at the Australian War Memorial

The sculpture garden on this memorial’s west lawn contains various outdoor monuments. There’s an Australian soldier made out of bronze that was originally located in Hall Of Memory before being placed at Tomb For TheUnknown Soldier; there are also guns-from HMAS Brisbane and Amiens Gun–a huge railway gun captured during World War I by German forces who then donated them to Australians after the war ended.

The Australian War Memorial is a place that tells the stories of men and women who have served or continue to serve our nation in war. Through exhibitions, we share personal experiences from military service with visitors ranging from large technology objects all-the-way down to engagement photos–it’s something for everyone!

Visitors to Australia’s War Memorial need a timed ticket in order to view their galleries and attend the daily Last Post Ceremony. The Australian war Rooms are home of many halls dedicated to visitors, including a cafe with different food options. There is also car park space available where you can leave your vehicle while exploring this important site that recalling memories from world wars past; coach parking facilities if cycling isn’t really what we’re after – but there’ll always be plenty going on at these venues.

The museum

One local company that is involved in this tourist attraction is;

Name: Decking Canberra

Address: 26 Barry Drive, Canberra ACT 2601

Telephone: (02) 6130 0765