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Parliament House

About Parliament House

The seat of the Australian government, the building is known as “Parliament House” or simply ‘Parliament.’ Located on Capital Hill at an intersection between Adelaide Avenue and Commonwealth Street, with Kingsway forming its southern base, it’s easy to see why this iconic location has been vital for centuries!

In 1988, the Australian Parliament House opened its doors to house Australia’s Federal Government. The structure was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp Architects and built with a joint venture between Concrete Constructions Ltd., John Holland Pty Ltd (now known as JHB Projects)
This complex is one of many famous buildings in our country’s architectural heritage!

Parliament house

What to do at Parliament House

The Australian Parliament houses an impressive 4,700 rooms, and many areas are open to the public. The main foyer contains a marble staircase that leads you into our Great Hall, where there’s also some excellent artwork on display, including Australia’s first piece of stained glass window (which was installed in 1859). You can visit both chambers while walking through this building; one has green colours whereas the other is red! Between them lies the Members’ hall – your perfect place after hours spent exploring all these historical sites.

The Parliament House Art Collection is a treasure trove of Australian art, with over 6 thousand pieces from all periods and genres. The collection includes commissioned (and purchased) portraits of significant leaders in our country’s history as well as other works that reflect the diversity of this island nation- a blend between traditions ancient & modern; east meets west!

The new Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, has been setting the bar for event spaces. Not only does it host many important functions, but it also celebrates and hosts other miscellaneous uses too! There are 14 different rooms available to rent at The Hall, which can accommodate anything from meetings or conferences (both government-related) all of the way through celebrations with friends & family; there really isn’t any type of restriction on what you’re looking for when renting one this amazing venue so don’t let perfection stop yourself from exploring every possible option first hand!.


One local company in Canberra that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Decking Canberra

Address: 26 Barry Drive, Canberra, ACT 2601

Telephone: (02) 6130 0765