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National Museum of Australia

About the National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia preserves and interprets the social history, exploring key issues that have shaped our nation. It was formally established by an act passed in 1980 as a part-time museum with just 12 exhibits; today, there are more than 10 times this number!

The Museum celebrates 50,000 years of Indigenous heritage and settlement since 1788. It holds Australia’s largest collection of items that are important to history, such as bark paintings and stone tools, which were used by our ancestors for thousands upon millennia before us!

The entrance to this building is unlike any other. The main hall doesn’t follow the traditional style we are used to; it has an unusual shape and angles that make you think about what’s inside- which there isn’t anything at all! The design choices made here were not symmetry but rather asymmetry – putting prominent features on one side while hiding others away from view makes certain scenes jump out when they should rightfully belong.


What to do at the National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia is an educational institution that not only houses many historical artifacts but also develops and travels exhibitions on various subjects ranging from bushrangers to surf lifesaving. The Research Centre takes a cross-disciplinary approach in order for the museum workspace be an energetic forum where new ideas can flourish about Australia’s past, present future.

The National Historical Collection at the museum is a treasure trove for those who want to learn more about Australian history, culture and society. The collection includes 210 thousand objects that cover three main themes: indigenous Australians’ past, colonial times through today’s world affairs (including climate change); everything in between!

The vast collection of Australian history is waiting to be discovered at your own pace. Take a guided tour or wander solo through the many exhibitions, and learn about what makes this country so unique from a historical perspective while getting acquainted with some lesser-known facts that might surprise you!

The museum

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