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National Portrait Gallery

About National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is an institution that houses a collection of portraits in honour of those who have made Australia great. The gallery was established back when it first opened, but its new home wasn’t ready so they had to move temporarily until 2008, where we see them now at King Edward Terrace with plenty more space for exhibitions!

The National Portrait Gallery is home to a vast collection of portraits, ranging from prominent Australians (by birth or association) who are important in their field all the way down to individuals that have set them apart as an individual with long-term public interest. The permanent gallery stands at 3000 pieces across various mediums – including photography and painting, amongst others–and continues its growth through acquisition programs which are tied closely into criteria based upon what best suits this institution’s needs; meanwhile, commissions given out every now again also allow visitors more insight into how society sees us every day.


What to do at National Portrait Gallery

When you walk through the National Portrait Gallery’s doors, your journey begins with a glimpse into Australia’s richly diverse history. You’ll see portraits of prominent Australians (by birth or association) who are important in their field; men and women setting them apart as individuals that have been active for many years across many different mediums – including photography, painting & drawing.

The National Portrait Gallery is not just an Australian treasure but one that celebrates our identity and history. It cultivates an understanding of who we are as a people by showcasing the many faces behind this great nation – from portrait artists to subjects in their everyday lives!

The National Portrait Gallery is an institution that celebrates Australia’s identity, history and diversity through portraiture. Visitors can look into the eyes of artists who were once again inspired by our country’s creative culture in order to create new pieces for all ages!

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