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Everything You Need to Know Before Building a Deck With Decking Canberra

If you plan to add some outdoor space to your yard, a deck is an excellent choice. However, ensuring the job meets your expectations requires proper planning and research. Decking Canberra offers services that ensure that every aspect, from the look and feel to structural stability, is addressed appropriately before the project begins. This post will provide important information on each step for building a successful deck with Decking Canberra—from choosing the suitable materials and designing it based on budget and lifestyle needs to understanding local codes, hiring a professional deck builder Canberra, installing the deck correctly, providing timely maintenance care afterwards, plus more!


Understand the structure and material of the deck you want to build

A deck can be a great addition to any outdoor living space. Before you start building, deciding what type of deck materials and design you prefer is essential. Decking Canberra offers timber, composite and PVC decking product options and custom designs suitable for homes with little yards or balconies.

Regarding structure, your decking choice will determine how it should be set up. For example, timber decks generally require more support beams and may need to be built higher off the ground than composite or PVC decks.

Research the different types of decking available in Canberra.

Various decking types are available in the market, but the two most popular choices are timber and composite decking. Timber is a classic choice, with many opting for its natural appearance and durability. Composite decking is becoming increasingly popular due to its low maintenance requirements and longevity. Both types of decks come with a range of styles and colours to choose from.

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Calculate your budget and determine the materials and features you can afford

Your budget is a huge determinant of the material, scope, and other intricacies of building a Canberra deck. When discussing the budget with your builder, knowing what you can and cannot afford is essential. This will help narrow down the available materials, design ideas, sizes and other features you can include in the project.

When building a deck, other features could be added depending on how much your budget allows. Such features include lighting, benches and seating, and extra storage space for your deck. Most significantly, determine a timeline for when the project should be completed. Once you know your budget, it’s time to start discussing the deck size and other features that can or cannot be included.

Factor in additional costs, like permits, labour and delivery fees 

Your budget should also incorporate the cost of railings and balusters, stairs and steps, lattice skirting and privacy screens. If you’re planning to build a covered or screened-in porch, additional costs should be included in your budget.

When choosing a professional deck builder for your project, labour should also be factored in. This cost should not be underestimated. It is recommended that you choose a deck builder over going the DIY style due to the complex nature of the job, especially if you plan to build a large deck.

These are just some details that should be included in your budgeting when building a deck. Take the time to look into all aspects involved before diving into your project. This ensures that you keep costs within your budget and don’t overspend.

Learn about the safety requirements for building a deck with Decking Canberra.

Different safety measures should be considered when building a deck. Ensuring that your deck is adequately secured and meets the required safety standards is essential. Look into the regulations for decks in your area and ensure you adhere to them when constructing yours.

Safety materials such as railing help to prevent slips, falls and other accidents. Invest in high-quality materials designed to last, which will help protect your family and friends when using the deck.

Consider other amenities on your deck for maximum use, such as seating and lighting.

Most decking spaces are used as seating areas, so plan for adequate seating. You can also use built-in benches or freestanding furniture to add comfort and style.

Lighting is essential when constructing a deck; it adds safety and visual appeal. Lighting will help illuminate the space at night and make it easier for guests to navigate the area.

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Contact Decking Canberra to get started!

Decking Canberra understands that custom-built decks are an investment, and they strive to make sure you’re satisfied with the result. With the help of their professional building crew and a wide array of decking materials, you can be confident that all your needs will be met with quality service. From composite to wood-plastic decking, Decking Canberra covers all your needs. Whether for a new installation or a remodel, Decking Canberra is up for every challenge! Their prices are competitive compared to other establishments and are highly sought after by clients from all walks of life. Don’t wait and call Decking Canberra today – it might just be your best decision for your home in the foreseeable future.